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Authors: Nigeria Governors' Forum
Keywords: SPRM
Issue Date: Apr-2016
Publisher: Nigeria Governors' Forum Publishing
Abstract: A light review of the SPRM process was carried out in 2013 preceding the more comprehensive review in late 2015 which produced a Revised Base Document taking cognisance of the lessons learned since its inception in May 2011. It currently comprises four stages briefly described as follows. The first stage is the meeting with the expanded State Executive Council and Civil Society Actors to sensitize State stakeholders on the methodology, objectives, questions and indicators of the assessment instrument. The second stage is the preparation of the State Self-Assessment Report (SSAR) and its submission to the NGF Secretariat. This second stage is the most critical part of the SPRM process and it is here that a State assesses itself and reflects on its developmental strides. Given that it is at this stage that States experience the most delays, the NGF recommends that this process be expedited to enable completion within three months. The Technical Review Mission (TRM) will begin at the end of the three months, either on the basis of a completed SSAR, or on such parts of the SSAR as have been completed when the specified period for this stage of the process has elapsed.
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